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4CYTE™ is a premium daily horse feed additive used to protect and repair damaged joints, and actively maintain joint health. The revolutionary property of 4CYTE™ FORTE Gel for Horses is EPIITALIS®, our exclusive plant seed oil patented for its cartilage repair and pain relief properties.


4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE Gel is safe to take long-term, and is used to:

  • Address symptoms such as stiffness or lack of willingness to jump, canter or gallop.

  • Complement prescription joint pain treatments.

  • Support healing after a joint injury or surgery.

  • Protect, maintain and promote healthy joints in high-performance horses

  • Dr. Marshall-Gibson, Dr. Finazzo & Dr. Branecky have noted significant improvement in patient comfort, particularly in horses with kissing spine, SI and cervical pain.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Simple, non-invasive application.

  • Small, cost-effective once-daily dosing.

  • Should produce clinical improvements within 7-14 days.

  • Surgeon and veterinarian endorsed.

  • Has undergone in-vitro, in-vivo clinical studies.

The Science:

4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE Gel for Horses is powered by EPIITALIS®, patented for its ability to stimulate the production of healthy cartilage. EPIITALIS® has undergone in-vivo, in-vitro clinical studies, giving you the confidence of a scientifically developed and backed product.

To Order:

Front Range Equine Performance is proud to offer this product to our patients and the equine community. To order please contact our office via e-mail or telephone at (970) 368-3125. Shipping to all US states is available.

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