Rehabilitation Referrals and Consultations

We are proud to offer a variety of equine rehabilitation options available to you and your clients, near and far.

​Rehabilitation Consultations & Program Design

Not sure when or how your patient should progress through a rehabilitation program? 

Not sure what rehabilitation therapies would be the most effective for a particular injury?

Our rehabilitation-trained veterinarians can help you design a patient-specific, step-by-step rehabilitation program utilizing the modalities you or your client have available to help you get them back to their peak performance.

​We ask you to provide us with any pertinent records or imaging for review. We then schedule a phone or Zoom consultation with you to discuss the case and the patient's specific needs. Our veterinarians then design and provide you with a comprehensive rehabilitation program you can provide your client, complete with recommended recheck exams by you. As your patient progresses through the program our veterinarians will continue to tailor their rehabilitation program based on your recheck exams.

Equine Rehabilitation Facility

Are you or your client looking for a safe place with trained staff for your patient to recover from an injury, where you can still be involved in their treatment and management?

Let us help! 

We maintain an open-door policy with our referring veterinarians to offer comprehensive equine rehabilitation programs at our full-service rehabilitation facility.

Our veterinarians and staff work with you to assist in your patients' injury treatment and management program. We can either follow your prescribed rehabilitation program or help design one based on your patient's needs. Our trained rehabilitation staff and veterinarians will provide frequent updates on your patient's progress during their stay. If you are local, our staff will be happy to schedule space, technicians, and anything else you need to continue your patient's treatment and recheck schedule while at our facility. If you are not local, we are happy to perform recommended follow-up treatments or imaging for your patients during their stay, along with virtual or video progress and recheck options for you.

For more information on how Front Range Equine Performance can help you sustain and grow your practice, please contact our office by phone at: (970) 368-3125 or by email at: [email protected]