Shockwave therapy is a managed re-injury to a previous inadequately or improperly healed injury.
It is a non-invasive treatment used to materially enhance the rate of soft tissue and bone healing in horses. The "shock waves" are not electrical waves: they are powerful positive-pressure acoustic waves. These waves transmit energy to deeper structures in the body. The therapy improves circulation, stimulates new cell growth and promotes healing by causing the body to recognize the injury and activate the body’s natural healing processes. There is also evidence that Shockwave Therapy encourages faster and stronger healing than if the horse was just rested. Injuries responding well to Shockwave Therapy include arthritic issues (e.g. low hock arthritis), bone injuries associated with ligament attachments (e.g. high suspensory injuries), new and slow healing soft tissue injuries, and various back and pelvis injuries (e.g. kissing spines).

Front Range Equine’s mobile shockwave equipment enables the therapy to be done at the client’s barn or vet clinic. After sedating and twitching the horse, an external “probe”, power strength and a specific number of acoustic “shocks” (depending on the diagnosed concern) is applied for 10-15 minutes at the injury’s location. When the sedation has worn off, the horse can resume prescribed rehabilitation. Generally, horses receive the shock therapy 2-3 times at two-week intervals.

Shockwave therapy can materially enhance the effectiveness of PRP, when done immediately prior to the PRP injection.

​Front Range Equine Performance uses the newest shockwave equipment designed specifically for equine treatment - The NEOvet 2.0.