1. Dr. Marshall-Gibson is a Godsend. She was able to quickly and accurately identify the cause of lameness on my horse that other vets were unable to identify after multiple appointments and thousands of dollars. She LISTENS to you and respects your knowledge of your equine athlete and collaboratively works to create a treatment plan. She sees the whole horse instead of only focusing on one aspect. As far as I'm concerned, she is the best in the area.

    Kathy K.
  2. I was super happy that Dr. B gave me options but didn't push me down a treatment path. She let me decide. Based on her suggestions, I felt well informed and I also felt like she was respecting my decisions. I also felt like she was moderate in her treatment suggestions. She wasn't too casual but she didn't recommend a very aggressive treatment path. She told me what she would prioritize first and if that didn't fully solve the problem, what she would do next, etc. I appreciated her stepping into a treatment plan versus going whole hog and ripping the band-aid off and throwing everything at it all at once. I also appreciate that she talks to me at a level that I can understand. She is good at explaining things and doesn't talk over my head with a lot of medical jargon. She's also patient with my questions and calls to follow up and see how my horse is doing after treatment. Additionally, the FREP team has been very responsive when I call to ask questions, schedule appointments, etc. I really enjoy working with Dr. B and the entire staff!

    Andrea R.
  3. Highly recommend the entire Front Range Equine Performance team! Personally, I wouldn't trust anyone else to diagnose lameness in my horses. I've been a client for years and I'm always impressed by their prompt response and ability to fit me into the schedule.

    Ariel T.
  4. We are so pleased with Sam's shockwave treatments! The vets are friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable!

    Meghan M.
  5. Dr. Marshall is a thorough, attentive, and very knowledgeable equine veterinarian! I had the privilege of riding along with her for a week. She knows her craft incredibly well, is very attentive to her patients and clients, and is constantly striving to be on the cutting edge of the latest technologies to help your horse. Her patients respond so well to their treatments (chiropractic, acupuncture, and otherwise), and her clients swear by her. She can approach any lameness issue your horse has from multiple aspects to help get them back to feeling their best.

    Amy Y.
  6. Very qualified, kind and supportive team of doctors. They take excellent care of all our horses! Dr. Marianne Marshall Gibson is amazing!

    Shaugna O.
  7. Dr. Marianne Marshall is brilliant. She has tremendous knowledge and stays up-to-date on all the most current research. She offers top-of-the-line therapies and cares so much about her clients. She's also very skilled in acupuncture and chiropractic. I won't trust my horse to anyone else!

    Gina H.
  8. Dr. Marianne was great! She worked on two of my horses and I noticed a big difference. She was also really invested in working with them and spent over an hour with my older guy who really needed the attention and work. She’s extremely knowledgeable and thorough as well, and her vet tech takes really comprehensive notes. I also really like all the rehab exercises she gave me to do with both my horses. Her services are a little more expensive than others, but after you work with her you’ll know why. I highly recommend!

    Shallon D.
  9. Front Range Equine Performance never fails! Marianne Marshall-Gibson is an excellent sports medicine vet and a wonderful equine acupuncturist and chiropractor. She and her assistant Whitney are always prompt, professional, friendly, and very thorough. Dr Marshall has been working on my horse for about 3 years and my gelding, Ben, loves having her work on him. She has taken the time to not only watch him move on a lunge line or in hand but also under saddle, insuring that she knows exactly what is going on with him so she can treat him accordingly. A few weeks ago, Ben was in a bad pasture accident. I immediately called Dr. Gibson but she was unavailable, so I rushed him to CSUVTH where his wounds were cleaned, and his belly was ultra sounded and he was given all clear. 5 days later, Dr Gibson came to see him and after her initial exam, she called CSUVTH and made an appointment for him to be seen again the next morning. She was concerned that he might have a previously undiagnosed fracture. She even went so far as to reach out to me later that night to insure that I knew all that she wanted CSU to x-ray and ultrasound. Again, Ben was sent home with a clean bill of health and Dr. Marshall came back out 5 days later to acupuncture and adjust him. Ben was still very stiff and sore so Dr. Marshall took her time and worked on him at the pace he could handle, talking to and petting him constantly to assure him that he did not want to hurt but rather help him. I highly recommend Dr. Marshall for your horse's lameness and full body care and treatment. She is terrific!

    Catherine J.
  10. Another successful visit with the team from Front Range Equine Performance. Very thorough and always willing to explain options and answer questions which is so appreciated. My horse is moving like a champ again, can't say enough about the comprehensive care this practice provides.

    Michele E.