Front Range Equine Performance offers Bone Marrow derived stem cells as a regenerative therapy to treat various injuries your horse may incur.

Stem cells have been shown to be anti-inflammatory, reduce pain, improve quality of healing, and reduce re-injury rate of many common tendon and ligament injuries. It has also been effective in managing pain from laminitis, osteoarthritis and bone cysts.​

During collection, Bone Marrow (containing stem cells) is drawn from your horse's sternum. The bone marrow is carefully packaged and sent to a lab where the stem cells are isolated, expanded in number, and stored. When your horse's stem cells are ready, the appropriate amount of stem cells to treat your horse's injury are ordered from the lab and injected by your veterinarian. 

​As an additional benefit, your horse's stem cells can be stored ("banked") indefinitely by the lab so they are available for future treatments of any other injuries your horse may develop.