All Conditioning Programs Include:

  • Daily boarding in a 12' x 12' stall with attached outdoor 12' x 24' run, or pasture.
  • Unlimited grass hay & feeding of owner-provided grain/supplements & medication. If desired we have Triple Crown grain products, beet pulp, and Platinum Performance products that are charged to the client at cost.
  • Twice daily physical exams and musculoskeletal palpation
  • Daily grooming & blanketing as needed
  • Twice daily stall cleaning
  • Twice weekly evaluations by our veterinarian

Water Treadmill Training Program

Designed for horses with no prior water treadmill training. This program consists of 5 days of supervised water treadmill training, your horse will arrive Monday and go home on Friday. Once your horse is trained to our water treadmill they are eligible for our haul-in conditioning services at a 20% discount.

Haul-In Water Treadmill Session

Our rehabilitation veterinarians will customize your horse's water treadmill session based on:

  1. The location and type of injury
  2. Rehabilitation goals at each specific point in your horse's rehabilitation (range of motion, decreased weight bearing, increased resistance, muscle strengthening, etc.)
  3. Conditioning goals for your horse's specific sport

Basic Tailored Conditioning Program

Up to 5 days/week of:

  • HydroHorse ® HydroCiser Water Treadmill
  • Vitafloor Solarium (as outside temperatures allows)
  • BEMERO PEMF Therapy
  • SURE FOOT® Stability Pads OR Vitafloor® Vibration Therapy

Advanced Tailored Conditioning Program

  • Basic Tallored Conditioning Program
  • Plus:
  1. Dynamic Mobility Exercises
  2. Equiband® System & Incline Trainin

A La Carte Options

  • Rapid Release® Therapy
  • BEMER® (PEMF) Therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Equiband® System
  • SURE FOOT® Stability Pads
  • Class 4 Laser Therapy
  • VitaFloor® Solarium
  • and MUCH more!

*If deemed necessary, our veterinarians will give a light sedation to ensure the safety of horses and handlers during water treadmill sessions which will be an additional cost. Our goal is to get them to a point where they do not need sedations for their sessions.