PRP was first used in humans to treat tennis elbow. In horses, PRP is most commonly used as a treatment of various tendon and ligament injuries, as well as an intra-articular (joint) therapy.

PRP therapy injects blood plasma containing a high concentration of platelets into a lesion. The high concentration of growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins in the platelets enhance the healing process.

The concentrated platelets are obtained from processing the horse’s own blood drawn by the veterinarian. The PRP is injected directly into a joint, lesion, or surrounding tissue. Ultrasound may be used to guide the injection.

To enhance the effects of PRP therapy, PRP therapy is often preceded by a single shock wave treatment.

After the first PRP treatment, subsequent PRP treatments can be used in a maintenance program with an injection at 6 to 9-month intervals depending on the horse, its activity and the diagnosis. 


Dr. Marshall using ultrasound to inject PRP directly into a ligament injury