Pro-Stride Autologous Protein Solution (APS) is a newer regenerative therapy that combines Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and the IRAP protein in a single injection. Similar to PRP processing, blood is drawn from your horse and processed at the patient's side with Owl Manor Veterinary's Pro-Stride system. The APS can then be immediately used to treat a variety of joint, ligament, and tendon ailments.

Unlike traditional IRAP, APS only requires a 20-minute processing time and is ready for immediate treatment, without the 24-hour incubation period. So, diagnosis and treatment can be performed during the same appointment! In addition, APS has been shown to be effective after only 1 injection, versus a series of injections often required with traditional IRAP. Similar to other regenerative therapies, the effects of the APS can last up to a year without needing another treatment.

​Because this is an autologous (from the same horse) treatment it is a safe option for treatment of horses with metabolic issues and Cushings (PPID).


For more details on how this therapy works, please watch the informational video by Owl Manor Veterinary below.