I was super happy that Dr. B gave me options but didn't push me down a treatment path. She let me decide. Based on her suggestions, I felt well informed and I also felt like she was respecting my decisions. I also felt like she was moderate in her treatment suggestions. She wasn't too casual but she didn't recommend a very aggressive treatment path. She told me what she would prioritize first and if that didn't fully solve the problem, what she would do next, etc. I appreciated her stepping into a treatment plan versus going whole hog and ripping the band-aid off and throwing everything at it all at once. I also appreciate that she talks to me at a level that I can understand. She is good at explaining things and doesn't talk over my head with a lot of medical jargon. She's also patient with my questions and calls to follow up and see how my horse is doing after treatment. Additionally, the FREP team has been very responsive when I call to ask questions, schedule appointments, etc. I really enjoy working with Dr. B and the entire staff!

Andrea R.