Front Range Equine Performance never fails! Marianne Marshall-Gibson is an excellent sports medicine vet and a wonderful equine acupuncturist and chiropractor. She and her assistant Whitney are always prompt, professional, friendly, and very thorough. Dr Marshall has been working on my horse for about 3 years and my gelding, Ben, loves having her work on him. She has taken the time to not only watch him move on a lunge line or in hand but also under saddle, insuring that she knows exactly what is going on with him so she can treat him accordingly. A few weeks ago, Ben was in a bad pasture accident. I immediately called Dr. Gibson but she was unavailable, so I rushed him to CSUVTH where his wounds were cleaned, and his belly was ultra sounded and he was given all clear. 5 days later, Dr Gibson came to see him and after her initial exam, she called CSUVTH and made an appointment for him to be seen again the next morning. She was concerned that he might have a previously undiagnosed fracture. She even went so far as to reach out to me later that night to insure that I knew all that she wanted CSU to x-ray and ultrasound. Again, Ben was sent home with a clean bill of health and Dr. Marshall came back out 5 days later to acupuncture and adjust him. Ben was still very stiff and sore so Dr. Marshall took her time and worked on him at the pace he could handle, talking to and petting him constantly to assure him that he did not want to hurt but rather help him. I highly recommend Dr. Marshall for your horse's lameness and full body care and treatment. She is terrific!

Catherine J.