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Veterinary Relief Agreement

Veterinarians may encounter circumstances when, due to maternity leave, illnesses, vacations or for other reasons, they need a relief veterinarian to temporarily care for their clients.

Dr. Marshall-Gibson and Dr. Finazzo occasionally undertake these assignments and can be contacted either by phone/text at: (970) 368-3125 or by email at to explore a relief engagement.


Dr. Marshall-Gibson is licensed in Colorado, Wyoming, California, and Washington.

 Dr. Finazzo is licensed in Colorado, Wyoming, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Florida.

It is very probable that Dr. Marshall-Gibson and/or Dr. Finazzo's Sports Medicine and lameness expertise during the relief assignment will help identify new opportunities for us to partner in providing niche lameness and Sports Medicine services that help you to retain clients or grow your practice.

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