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Suggested Links

Below are links to our Performance Partner sites and to other selected sites that will add to your understanding and enjoyment of your equine partner.

Performance Partners

We encourage you to patronize our Performance Partners below. Through them we are able to bring Front Range Equine Performance's expertise in Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, Lameness, Chiropractic & Acupuncture to you and your equine partner.

Red Rock Equine - Dr. Alison Blasko, DVM, MS - Northern Colorado and the Front Range. Provides preventative care (including vaccines and Coggins), dental care, mare and foal exams, and emergency care.

High Country Veterinary Services - Dr. Louise Batt, BVSc, MRCVS - Steamboat Springs, CO. Provides dental expertise to FREP clients once/month.

Alpine Animal Hospital - Laramie, WY. Please call the Equine Hospital to schedule appointments with FREP veterinarians who are in the area twice/month.

Bridle Bit Horsemanship - Wellington, CO. Amy LeSatz provides consultations and expertise in SureFoot Equine Stability Pads (developed by Wendy Murdoch) often incorporated into FREP veterinarian recommended rehabilitation and physical therapy programs.

Other Informative Equine Links

Mark Rashid Horse Training - Estes Park, CO. Mark Rashid, author of "Considering the Horse"

Heartline Horse Training - Estes Park, CO. Crissi McDonald, Masterson Method expert.

Suggestions for additional resources are welcome.

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