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Dynamic Mobility Exercises

Did you know that maintaining flexibility and a strong core is just as important in equine athletes as it is in human athletes?


That's right!!

Keeping your horse flexible and strong in its core will not only help to reduce the risk of injury, it may also enhance your horse's performance.

Below are images and videos of exercises being performed. For further instructions and information about whether these exercises would be good for your horse, please contact our veterinarians by phone at: (970) 368-3125 or by email at:

Butt Tucks/Oblique Butt Tucks

Instructional video of Veterinary Technician, Whitney, performing straight butt-tucks.


Dr. Marshall-Gibson asking the horse engage its gluteal muscles and lift its haunches to perform straight butt-tucks.

An instructional video of Dr. Marshall-Gibson performing oblique butt-tucks.

Sternal Lifts

Dr. Finazzo demonstrating where to apply pressure when asking your horse to perform sternal lifts.

Dr. Finazzo performing sternal lifts.

*Note how straight the horse's back is when its muscles achieves max engagement.

An instructional video of Dr. Finazzo performing sternal lifts. 

Psoas Circles

Dr. Finazzo performing psoas circles.

*Note how she is supporting the horse by its cannon bone and how little she lifts the leg off the ground.

Carrot Stretches

Veterinary Technician, Whitney, performing lateral carrot stretches.

Tail Traction

IMG_0162 (1) (1).jpg

Rehab Barn Manager, Natalie, performing tail traction.

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