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Acoustic MyoGraphy Analysis (AMG)

An exciting, new, non-invasive technology is being used by the world’s top equine sports medicine practices to identify muscle and suspensory ligament injuries and as a tool in enhancing training protocols. Front Range Equine Performance is the first to offer this technology in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Developed in Finland, Acoustic MyoGraphy Analysis or “AMG” uses finely tuned acoustic sound waves to monitor the health (responsiveness) of specific muscles and ligaments in a horse’s body in order to identify weaknesses, asymmetries or injuries. 


While the horse is in motion, real time AMG measurements are made using a new piece of equipment called CURO. The CURO wirelessly transmits the measurements to an Apple iPad where they are displayed graphically, enabling the veterinarian to simultaneously diagnose the muscle or ligament problem or the source of recurring lameness and prescribe custom rehabilitation protocols. Repeat measurements over time create a profile of the healing progress and help to identify any adjustments required in the rehabilitation protocol. 


In healthy horses, AMG can be used to identify the optimal gait for a specific horse (or specific rider on a given horse), or the source of gait irregularities. It can be used to identify changes to a horse’s approach to a jump in order to balance muscle fatigue. In general, AMG can be used to measure asymmetric muscle strength in order to develop training protocols to strengthen weaker muscles, improve coordination or to generally monitor re-training progress.


AMG can also be used as part of a pre-purchase examination. 


Below is a video illustrating the CURO’s use:

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