Horse in Stable

Allison Matthews

Patient Care Provider & Office Assistant

Allison was born and raised in Colorado. She grew up in Parker, CO, then moved to Fort Collins for college. Allison started riding horses around the age of 4. She loves painting, watching movies, hanging out with friends and family, hiking, skiing, and being outdoors.


One of Allison’s biggest passions is equine therapy. She’s been volunteering at Hearts & Horses Therapeutic Riding Center since 2019. She loves leading horses around for the riders during the different equine therapy classes.

Allison graduated from CSU with a Bachelor’s of Science in biology and a minor in chemistry in 2021. She is interested in pursuing a career in the veterinary field. Allison was an intern at Vista Equine Colorado working with veterinarians in the equine reproductive field. She enjoys helping animals, especially horses.